Ski Accidents

Injuries caused by ski accidents tend to be very serious.  If you are injured while skiing at a ski resort, you may have a case either against the ski resort, another skier, or sometimes both.

Generally, if you are in a collision at a ski resort, the law does not allow you to recover for your injuries from the at-fault skier, or the ski resort.  This is because the law says that collisions, and skier negligence, are risks that are assumed when a person participates in the sport of skiing.  However, we have successfully handled such cases where we can show that the injury was caused by the conduct of the at-fault skier when that conduct is so reckless that it goes beyond the bounds of the risks normally associated and anticipated with the sport of skiing.

Another common type of claim is against the ski resort itself.  These claims generally arise from unusually dangerous conditions created by the design and management of the ski resort, and the negligent or reckless mismanagement of the ski lifts at the resort.

If you have been injured by the negligent conduct of another skier, or by the negligent conduct of a ski resort, you may have a strong legal case.  Please feel free to contact our law office for a free consultation.