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Construction Site Injuries in California

Regardless of the work you do, there is always a risk of being injured on the job. However, some industries are more dangerous than others. Construction can be one of those industries, and safety has to be a priority at all times.

The California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has laid down guidelines for construction site safety and described compensation processes in detail. It is always important to seek legal advice from experienced California construction accident attorneys in California before providing statements to insurers, and others.

There are several steps to take for people who have been injured on the job. One of the first would be to make a report to management. As an employer is required to provide medical treatment for any injuries received on the job, regardless of how the injury happened, there should be no worries about the cost of care. Even if no work is missed because of the injury, the employee has the right to expect that their employer will pay all medical bills.  If a person does not recognize an injury right away, an incident should still be reported as soon as it happens. There are a host of benefits that an employed California resident has a right to receive after being injured at work. A professional in the area of workers’ compensation would be able to give details on coverage that is available.

If you’ve been injured on the job, you may also have a claim against a liable third party (e.g. a third party automobile, construction company, property owner, insurance company, or governmental agency) in addition to having a worker’s compensation claim. This happens when you have been injured while on the job by someone who does not work with you.  A simple example of this would be a taxi driver who gets rear-ended by a third party while driving his taxi on the job.  In such a situation, he would be able to receive worker’s compensation benefits as he was injured while on the job.  But in addition to that, he may be able to receive additional compensation by asserting a personal injury claim against the driver that caused the injury. 

Whether you’ve been hurt on the job as a result of poor building site maintenance, faulty equipment, employee negligence, or even by a third party, the personal injury and California construction accident attorneys at Sisneros Graziani LLP can help get you recover the compensation you deserve.