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SISNEROS GRAZIANI LLP is a general practice civil law firm.  We are a modern, aggressive, and highly experienced team of trial lawyers who are committed to fighting for the rights of plaintiffs. We never represent corporations or insurance companies.

Our practice is extensive, covering areas of civil law including civil litigation, personal injury, employment, tort, and contract.

We have the experience, knowledge, and resources to fight for you.  We listen to our clients and will always treat you with dedication, understanding and compassion. Our sole purpose is to accomplish our clients’ goals.  We pride ourselves not only on our ability to maximize our client’s goals, but also to establish and maintain communication and trust with each and every one of our clients.  Call us today or click on the contact us page right now.


ROGER SISNEROS and BRIAN GRAZIANI have more than 40 years of combined experience in successfully resolving civil litigation disputes.  Through this experience we bring both breadth of knowledge and legal savvy.  We provide top notch representation across the board - from initially evaluating your legal case, to navigating the insurance company landscape, employing strategic and practical litigation, and ultimately successfully trying cases to verdict.  We offer both a refined presence and an aggressive and relentless determination that you will need to achieve your desired results.  Because of our experience, we are very well acquainted with the civil litigation battlefield.  We know the insurance companies and their attorneys, as well as the courthouses and their judges.  At the same time, we are well known in the legal community, and our reputation is impeccable.  We are proven and well regarded in the legal community, and our good will continues to grow each and every year.  Plainly put, this law firm is solid, and there is no fight we cannot win.

We are connected 24-7 and you will always get a representative at any hour and we are able to work with all of the insurance companies at any time to get you the best results. We utilize all modern technology to use in all cases for clients.

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Connected 24-7

Overall, when you need fast legal aid, contact us. We are always available to help with your court case. Our attorneys will even work with your insurance company to resolve any issues.

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Legal Services

Obtain the compensation that you are seeking with our legal services. By retaining one of our experienced lawyers, you'll get a legal professional ready to fight for you.

Contact us today to discuss your legal case with one of our personable and professional lawyers.