Dog bites and dog attacks are a typical part of our practice. 

In California, the law states that the owner of a dog is strictly liable for the injuries and expenses caused by a dog attack.  Also, in certain situations, a land owner may be liable for the injuries caused by a dog attack if the land owner is aware that the dog has vicious propensities. In either of these situations, there is usually a homeowner’s insurance policy, or a commercial liability policy, that will pay compensation to the dog bite victim. 

Injuries from a dog attack commonly include scarring, and other permanent and serious injuries. Our law firm collaborates with medical experts, such as plastic surgeons, hand surgeons and psychiatrists in order to determine the best way to address the medical issues resulting from dog bites, as well as evaluate the expense of the resulting medical treatments, which often include plastic surgery to lessen the appearance of scarring. We then incorporate the medical and financial evaluation into our presentation of your dog bite case.

Sometimes, dog bite cases involve young children.  Unfortunately, many of the incidents that arise are dog bites to children’s faces. These young victims are able to recover compensation through legally appointed adults, normally parents or legal guardians.  These types of cases also require special care and evaluation in understanding how scarring, and other injuries (dental and vision), may develop as the human body grows.  We work with only the best plastic surgeons, and other medical experts, to evaluate these types of cases in order to maximize our clients’ recoveries.

For more information on how we can help you with injuries resulting from a dog bite or other similar situation, please contact us.